04 April 2008

i can't see

I am in desperate need for a hair cut right now. My bangs have entered Chrissie Hynde territory.

As much as I want to look all rock n roll and tough with my long shaggy bangs, it's not very rock n roll when you walk into walls and knock things over because you can't see where you are going.

I really wish that New York had a Rudy's barbershop so I could get my hair situation sorted out and be surrounded by good music and interesting design all at the same time. Rudy's only has locations on the west coat in LA, Portland and Seattle. No wonder I love it so much, those are some my favorite cities! The overall aesthetic screams my name. I love that each location is different and they all have artists who add murals to the space.

Music is a big part of Rudy's which makes it even better. They sell a limited amount of hand picked Cd's at most of the locations and promote bands within the barbershops. I think the next time I am in any of those cities I will have to make a special trip to a Rudy's barbershop for a haircut.



The Powells said...

im so glad you girls have a blog...i miss you katie!! i miss you too heidi but i just saw katie more...anyway, my blog is powellparade.blogspot.com
love you girls..jenny

Dirk said...

Rudy's here I come. Reminds me of Tommy Guns in London. Still the best hairdut I ever had. Hairdut? mine is so short it is more of a hairdut.

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