11 April 2008

spring in New York!

Yesterday in New York was so beautiful! While on my lunch break I walked around midtown and quickly had to shed my coat and just enjoy the perfect weather. As I was walking I ended up by MOMA and I have to say that is one of my favorite little blocks because it has lots of lovely shade from the trees and it's quiet and it obviously houses one of my favorite museums. After that I discovered a fruit cart where I got a large bowl of fruit for only $4.50 (cheap!) for lunch. What could be better. People were out everywhere enjoying the day-gotta get it while we can before the humidity makes it miserable. I can't wait for more days like this-hopefully on Saturday since Heidi and I are going to Billyburg to wander around.


1 comment:

The Powells said...

i wish it would be nice here...just cold and still snowing every now and then..stupid!!

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