05 April 2008

ace hotels are super ace

I recently read about the Ace hotels in Portland and Seattle. These hotels are AMAZING! I love every square inch of them. Here is their design philosophy:

We offer all the comfort of a business class hotel without the soul-killing blandness of a faceless chain or last year’s design school fads. Our handsome accommodations combine modern lines with an eclectic sensibility, re-interpreting the classic flavor and affordability of European-style lodging. Our historic Belltown building is situated in the heart of downtown Seattle, within blocks of Pike Place Market and Seattle's ever-growing network of art galleries, clubs, bars, retail stores, and restaurants.

Oh how I wish I could be a part of the design team that worked on this. When I applied to Parsons I said that I wanted to design hotels that made people want to travel just so they could stay at the fantastic hotels I designed. This is that type of space. I'm ready to pack my bags. They also have Rudy's barbershop attached to them. How brilliant, I will never want to leave.

Two new Ace Hotels are planed for 2008. Palms Springs and....New York! It looks like I will eventually get to have my Rudy's experience. I will still try out the other locations since each one has styles & stylists that reflect the neighborhood's style.

This last photo makes me smile, so cheeky.


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