10 April 2008

won't you be my neighbor

At work yesterday while preparing for a photography auction at Christie's I saw that the famous Kaufmann house was going up for auction. It's estimated to go for 15-25 million, very exciting to see how much it actually sells for. I suspect it could go for more than that since it is such an important piece of modern architecture and designed by Richard Nuetra. Richard Nuetra is a favorite of many design junkies so I foresee a bidding war happening. To see more about the auction go here.

I'll be sure to post about the outcome of the auction for those who are interested.



Anonymous said...

Hello Katie and Heidi- It sounds like you guys are having a blast. I am so happy for you. Katie we miss you a ton but are so glad that you are liking it. Cassie and Eisley

Jo said...

do keep us updated. this is absolutely my dream house!

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