18 April 2008

french kicks are fab that is le fact

To celebrate finishing our taxes we went to the final night of French Kicks residency at Mercury Lounge. This show was the official beginning of their tour in support of their new album. The venue is so small, it was destined to be a fun intimate gig. The only downside was that it was a late show so they didn't even go on until 11:00. Thankfully is doesn't take us long to get home from the lower east side. They played all our favorite songs and the new album promises to be just as great as their others. Mercury Lounge is so small that the band has to walk through the crowd to get to the stage. Hard to make an "entrance" with that kind of set up. It was a great gig but we were tres tired after and very thankful that our train came quickly.


The Powells said...

that is a good way to celebrate tax season!!

Dirk said...

oh man I really like them. jealous of all the shows. As usual. boo hoo hoo a boo hoo hoo.

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