19 April 2008

koombiya car fire

While mailing my taxes on Tuesday (nothing like putting it off until the end of the last day) we encountered many protestors out front. My favorite was a man I named Spontaneous Protest Man since he had just gotten there and was literally making his sign right then. He looked like he had just come from work and on his way home decided to pick up a roll of paper and do a little protesting before dinner. We were coming down the steps and looking at him so that's why our picture is the way it is. His sign just says "You don't have to pay income taxes" Not very clever or in very good penmanship.

Then, on Thursday after work, I was walking towards St Patrick's Cathedral when I saw several groups of people gathered and taking pictures. Since the Pope is visiting NY this weekend I thought it was a bit early but maybe it was something to do with him, but NO! It was a taxi totally engulfed in flames! Get out your marshmallows! The police were trying to keep people back-especially when it would snap, crackly and pop with mini explosions. I snapped a couple pics as I walked by, then moved on and wandered onto a film set. I don't know what was being filmed but they had trailers everywhere (I know what you're thinking and no-the car fire was not part of the movie).

Apparently if you google taxi car fires in NYC this is a fairly common occurrence. Who knew?


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