11 April 2008

happy birthday denise!

Happy Birthday to our brilliant sister Denise!!

Denise is our second mum and looks after us to make sure we are always ok. She is also the best friend two girls could ever ask for. In high school we would spend every Saturday night with Denise singing along to the oldies show on the radio or laughing ourselves silly in the aisle of the craft store. She is the most kind and thoughtful person always putting others before herself. She is the family cook, everything she makes is so yummy. Our favorite is her cherry cream puffs for President's Day. When we go on our annual family camping trip to Redfish Lake we share a tent and laughter coming from our tent is a common occurence every night. We try to take one hike while camping each year. Some years the hike is longer than others, we still talk about our "accidental" 9 mile hike and how miserable it was.

Have a great birthday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday shout-out and for not revealing my age, even though I'm old enough to be your other, a very young mother. I loved the beautiful flowers.

Thanks for making me laugh through the years and keeping me cool. Looking forward to Redfish this summer.

Love you both!!


The Powells said...

happy birthday denise!!

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