04 April 2008

time goes so quickly

I can't believe it's only been a month since I moved to NYC! I feel like I've been here forever, but then, sometimes I still feel like I'm just visiting. People keep asking Heidi how I'm adjusting which seems a little weird to me. What's to adjust to? I'm not really phased by being in a big city-I'm a city girl. However, I am constantly exhausted to the point that sometimes, when I'm at work and people are talking to me, I can feel myself shutting down. I'm literally falling asleep standing up! Now, this could be because occasionally Heidi and I stay up way too late and I usually have to get up really early for work but most people have told me that they were always tired the first few months after they had moved here. I haven't had time to really get out and explore as much as I would like since I'm always so tired and I still need to get our tiny little room organized better for two people to be able to move around in. I can't wait to get a bigger place in July since I think then I'll feel more settled.

Since I've been here I think I am much happier than I was in SLC. It really was time to move on and I'm glad I was pushed to the point where I knew that I really needed to get out before I lost my marbles. I'm liking my job a little bit more-mainly because of the people I work with. Being NY everyone grew up somewhere else so it's quite a diverse crowd and it's fun to start over with new people. They don't know about all the "weird" things I do (Morrissey tours) and give me crap about it like in SLC.

The best part about being in NY is getting to hang out with Heidi all the time now-not just a few weeks a year. We go see bands and explore new places together and no one understands what I'm talking about with just one word/look like she does. The other night when we in the subway we saw a lady all gussied up in a Annie Oakley outfit (that I believe was serious not just a costume) and it's so out of place in NY it can't help but be a little silly to me. Anyway, when we walked past her I whispered, "howdy" and Heidi knew what I meant. I'm sure anyone could have figured it out really but she knew BETTER, and it's nice to have that again after being pretty much on my own for the last three years. So, yeah, I'm not sorry I moved here because I get to be with my sis. HOORAY!

-Katie (aka kitkat)

PS- the pic at the top is our street in Brooklyn.


Dirk said...

So tired living there! But you do adjust just like Heidi did. But damn those early mornings and also I love your street.

Dicksie said...

Hey twins...I love reading your blog and like Dirk, I, too, love your street. I am glad that you are happy and that all is going well. New York sounds heavenly!

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